Through winter, and beyond!


By guest blog Alex Sherman Winter is here! It can be especially hard to maintain or begin any weight-loss journey as the weather gets colder. Our bodies attempt to maintain warmth by holding on to calories via our food intake. Resetting or adjusting current goals to account for any winter changes is important. You might […]

Relationship with food after surgery

Date: 05 Aug 2016
Category: Eating Psychology

How do you view food? Is it your friend or your worst enemy? I hear often in my private practice client’s describing their relationship with food the same way I’ve heard people describe their lover. They say I can’t live without it! I love it so much! Food completes me! Food is my friend. When […]

If your fat could talk, what would it say?

Date: 07 Jun 2016
Category: Eating Psychology

If your fat could talk, what would it say? Read on for a special post written by our Psychologist, Georgie Beames! I see client’s who have lost an enormous amount of weight and all is going well for them, and then they start to approach their goal weight and all of a sudden their weight […]


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