The Pre-Op Diet: 3 Unexpected Ways

Date: 22 Apr 2016

Most patients dread starting the pre-operative very low calorie diet, Optifast™ or Optislim™. Often the thought is that the program is simply just 3 meal replacements a day, replacing breakfast, lunch and dinner and that is absolutely it! While the plan does involve 3 meal replacements, there are more additions included, and also a variety […]

8 Non-Weight Goals for Your Weight Loss Surgery Journey!

Date: 26 Feb 2016
how much weight will I lose with weight loss surgery

While people choose to have weight loss surgery to lose weight, it is important to look at the bigger picture also. As we have talked about on the blog before, the number on the scales is just one measure of your success. We want to avoid getting ‘tunnel-vision’ on the scales and keep our focus […]

How to make it through the pre-op diet!

Date: 16 Oct 2015

Following the pre-surgery Optifast™ or Optislim™ diet is a significant dietary change and can be quite difficult! As we know, the pre-op diet is critical for the liver to shrink down in size, and allow your surgeon to perform the operation more safely. While this reasoning is important, we appreciate that this does not necessarily […]


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