Advantages and Disadvantages of Gastric Banding


  • This procedure does not require parts of the stomach to be removed or stapled as with other bariatric procedures. Nutrients are therefore absorbed from food in the same way that they were prior to surgery.
  • It is the safest of the weight loss procedures.


  • The intensity of follow up. Frequent band adjustment appointments, especially in the initial stages post-surgery, are required to achieve sufficient restriction.
  • Weight loss results are often variable compared with more aggressive weight loss surgery, such as the gastric sleeve or bypass. Weight loss in the long term also tends to be more difficult after gastric banding as opposed to other weight loss procedures.
  • For safe and effective weight loss with a gastric band, substantial dietary and eating habit changes are necessary. For instance, it is important to take smaller mouthfuls, chew well and eat slower (so as to be mindful of what you are eating).

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