Advantages and Disadvantages of the Sleeve Gastrectomy

The sleeve gastrectomy procedure helps you to lose weight in two ways:


Great dietary quality of life. All foods can usually be eaten, but in much smaller quantities.

Generally rapid and reliable weight loss.

It does not require any on-going adjustments which are required with other procedures, such as the gastric band. However, regular follow up is necessary to ensure weight loss is appropriate and intake is nutritionally adequate.


Disadvantages of the sleeve gastrectomy are generally related to the magnitude of the surgery:

Complications, although rare, are generally more serious than with other weight loss procedures, such as gastric banding. If a leak occurs it can be a problem which can take months to resolve.

The sleeve gastrectomy is a relatively new operation. As a result, there is very little long-term data (data which extends to over 10 years) to know what will happen with weight loss. It is likely that the sleeve will dilate with time and weight loss will notbe as good after ten years as it was after one to two years. All bariatric surgeries suffer in some way from this problem.

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