Gastric Bypass Questions

How does Gastric Bypass surgery help patients with diabetes?

Diabetes related to excessive weight can be dramatically improved or even cured by significant weight loss. Large body fat stores are hormonally active and become resistant to insulin, which leads to the inability to process glucose in the body normally, called diabetes. By reducing weight and fat stores, the hormonal imbalance and insensitivity to insulin can reverse, and hence the diabetes be cured.

Surgery is the only proven means to lose a large amount of weight and fat, and to maintain this lower weight in majority of people. Therefore all weight loss surgery can achieve improved health and well-being for patients with diabetes. However one particular surgery, the gastric bypass, has additional effects on diabetes. The gastric bypass not only leads to larger weight loss by creating a small ‘pouch’ in the stomach for food, but also ‘bypasses’ the rest of the stomach and part of the small bowel. This bypass of the small bowel leads to less absorption of calories and has additional hormonal benefits which add to the improvement and resolution of the insulin resistance and related diabetes. Hence, gastric bypass surgery should be strongly considered in patients with diabetes.

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