How does Gastric Banding Help you to Lose Weight?

The LAGB helps you to lose weight in two ways

  • By restricting the amount of food you can eat at one sitting – The placement of the band creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach, smaller than the size of a golf ball. This pouch holds less than 1/2 cup of food, whereas the typical stomach can hold up to 1 litre.
  • By making you feel full faster and stay full for longer – The action of each bolus or mouthful of food moving through the band stimulates the afferent nerve endings (nerve endings around the band) to send a message to your brain indicating you are full.

It is important to remember that surgery is a TOOL for weight loss. It is vital that eating behaviours are modified to get the best result from the procedure. It is important to eat a variety of healthy foods, to limit your intake of calorie dense foods and liquids and to slow your speed of eating to improve food tolerance. If eating behaviours are not adapted after surgery, weight loss will be limited or weight regain can be possible in the future. More detailed information about correct eating behaviours will be covered during your visit with the dietitian.

Gastric Banding Procedure – Green Zone

A ‘Green Zone’ diagram is used to help you to identify when you need an adjustment. This concept, displayed as a colour spectrum, is used to describe where you are in regards to your hunger and eating regime. Yellow represents caution and indicates you are ‘not quite there yet’. Red indicates it is time to stop and that the band is too tight. Green means ‘go’ and is the ultimate zone where you are fully satisfied after modest meals, eating the right kinds of foods and losing weight. The following video describes this concept in more detail.

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