Post-Operative Care

The hospital stay after surgery is generally one night. After the procedure you will start on clear fluids only (water, black tea, broth, juices). These will need to be sipped slowly in small amounts. Before going home you will have an x-ray to check the position of the band. You will then be able to have free fluids for the rest of your hospital stay. During the next 4 weeks, while your body heals, you will gradually increase the texture and volume of the food you take. Further information, including a dietary guidelines booklet, will be provided at your appointment with your dietitian.



The first post-operative clinic visit will be arranged about 1 to 3 weeks after surgery.

At this appointment your wounds will be assessed and any other issues will be discussed.

You first band adjustment appointment will generally take place 4 to 6 weeks following surgery. You will then see the surgeon 2 to 4 weekly initially to achieve an appropriate band fluid volume, then decrease frequency of surgical consultations thereafter.


The dietitian will phone you within the first week following surgery to review your intake. Your first post-operative visit will be at 3 to 6 weeks following surgery and then 3 to 6 monthly thereafter.

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