Pre-surgery Questions

What are the routine tests before weight loss surgery?

Patients who are suitable for surgery need comprehensive assessment. We need to assess your fitness for surgery and your nutritional status. Patients are required to have an extensive list of blood tests, most patients require a gastroscopy and some will also need abarium swallow before their operation. All our patients need a pre-operative dietitan appointment for dietary assessment and education.

Am I required to give up smoking prior to my operation?

It is strongly advised that all patients cease smoking for at least 6 weeks prior to surgery. This plays a huge role in decreasing surgical risks.

Where do I get my pre-op diet meal replacements from?

We ask our patients to use a very low calorie diet replacement. Most major pharmacies, such as Chemist Warehouse stock the Optifast™ or Optislim™ products that are used during the pre-surgery diet. Please contact our dietitian if you have any difficulties obtaining these products.

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