What will my diet be like more long-term?

After six weeks what then?

After weight loss surgery, although your portions are smaller, the aim is to eat tasty and nutritious foods. We often take in wasted calories from food that we don’t particularly enjoy or eat out of habit. With your new lifestyle, every mouthful of food should be enjoyable and full of nutrients. The aim is to not think of foods in terms of calories and fat but rather looking at protein, iron, calcium and other nutrients. This really is a time of experimenting and perhaps trying foods that you may not have had before.

Tips for long-term lifestyle change

  • Be mindful- Keep a food dairy, sometimes this helps you to get into a habit of being aware of what you eat- especially if you lead a busy social and working life.
  • Always be positive about the good changes you make to the way you live, even if they are only small.
  • Try to manage stress in ways that do not harm your lifestyle, such as seeking comfort in food. Exercise is a great stress reliever, but you may also look into other forms of stress relief such as reading, self pampering, discussion with family or friends or taking up a hobby like artistic painting.
  • Don’t focus on the scales- what else is improving as a result of the changes you are making? Keep a list and remember to keep your goals realistic and achievable

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