Benefits of Surgery

Now is the time to think about an effective weight control solution and reverse the damage being overweight causes before it becomes too late. Weight loss surgery improves:

Blood pressure

High blood pressure is a major cause of heart attack, stroke and other life threatening disorders. If you have high blood pressure, substantial weight loss can help by reducing this and reducing your need for medication.

Cholesterol levels

High cholesterol is another major risk factor for vascular disease. Another benefit of losing weight is that you can often lower your cholesterol to much safer levels and if you take medication the required dose can be greatly reduced or stopped altogether.

Diabetes control

Diabetes is an extremely destructive disease and over time it can lead to many other disorders, such as heart attack, stroke and vascular disease. Losing weight is one of the best things you can do to improve diabetic control and get off insulin or other diabetic medication.

Heart disease and heart function

Obesity causes a huge strain on the heart. Weight loss reduces the work of the heart and decreases the risk of adverse events, such as a heart attack.

Obstructive sleep apnoea

Being overweight is the main treatable risk factor for obstructive sleep apnoea. Significant weight loss can improve sleep, energy levels and reduce snoring. Being able to sleep well without a CPAP machine is a benefit which many patients enjoy after successful weight loss surgery.


After obesity surgery the resultant rapid weight loss reduces the discomfort and pain associated with osteoarthritis. This allows people to be more active, enjoy exercise and engage in healthy living.


Some people find that their excess weight significantly affects their ability to be active, mobile and participate in physical exercise. Often weight loss is necessary to kick start this process and allow people to get back into all the activities they used to do. Weight loss increases your ability to exercise, improves mobility and increases energy levels.


A lot of people feel their self-esteem is related to their weight – Many patients report feeling better about themselves after weight loss. People report they feel more comfortable engaging in the social activities that they used to love.

Quality of life

Weight loss improves quality of life overall by improving medical problems, reducing medications, increasing activity and improving self-esteem.