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Paul Sansonetti

Paul Sansonetti

Exercise Physiologist

Paul has experience in working with a variety of different clients with various conditions all over Melbourne. He has work specifically with aged care, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, cancer, as well as with clients aiming to achieve weight loss. Paul is skilled in designing a suitable exercise program for any patient despite any limitations they may have, so he can improve their functional capacity. He has a passion for working with people who have cancer and compromised cardiovascular and metabolic health and understands that everyone is in a different phase of their exercise journey.

Paul believes strongly in building rapport with his patients so they can feel understood, open and empowered. He aims to do this by listening, empathizing and working with the patient to find the most sustainable and enjoyable exercise program for each person based on their goals, exercise preferences and life demands. His approach is to ensure that exercise is integrated into the lifestyle of each of his patients, and each person, no matter their life experience, can find some form of exercise that is enjoyable to them.

Paul practices what he preaches! He tries to do some form of exercise every day, whether that be going to the gym, going for a run, or going for a relaxing walk. He is passionate about doing some form of activity each day, not only for his physical health, but also as an outlet for his mental well-being. In addition to this, he plays Aussie Rules football for Preston and is an avid NBA fan.

Paul graduated with a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology from Deakin University. Prior to that, he completed his undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science. In addition to this, Paul is a member of the governing body for exercise in Australia, Exercise and Sports Science Australia.