Patients seen at Melbourne Weight Loss Surgery should have private health insurance which covers surgery in a private hospital as the cost for surgery without adequate insurance is prohibitive.

Melbourne Weight Loss Surgery also acknowledges the importance of long term follow up which is why our surgery price includes:

  • Lifelong follow up with both your surgeon
  • Lifelong follow up with your as your dietitian
  • Initial complementary psychology consultation (within 3 months of surgery)
  • Initial complementary exercise physiology consultation (within 3 months of surgery)

Some patients may also require:

  • A weight management physician (such as an endocrinologist).
  • A specialist physician – particularly those with other serious health issues.

Please contact the main rooms on 9416 4418 to obtain an estimated quote for weight loss surgery.

Revision weight loss surgery – How much does it cost?

Revision surgery (patients who have had a previous weight loss procedure) is technically more difficult. Each patient and each procedure is different and it is difficult to give general information for this circumstance.

For patients who have had their original procedure with Melbourne Weight Loss Surgery there is no out of pocket expense from the surgeon. For patients who have had their surgery elsewhere, please contact the main rooms to discuss an estimated quote for revision surgery.

No Private Health Insurance

Melbourne Weight Loss Surgery does not currently offer surgery to uninsured patients.

In very rare and unusual circumstances this has occurred, and patients need to be aware that the total cost for a bariatric procedure includes hospital fees, theater fees, surgical equipment, surgeon and anaesthetic costs, hospital bed days and many others, accumulating many tens of thousands of dollars.

We recommendation patients obtain the required level of insurance and wait the one-year pre-existing condition time period. Although this seems a long time, the cost is considerably less.It is also the quicker than waiting on a public wait list.

For those patients who wish to use the public system, they require a referral (by their GP) to a public hospital, which provides a weight loss service – although the waiting list for this service is usually many years (hence obtaining private insurance is a quicker process).

The fax numbers for the public clinics which we have experience with are: