Our Team

Melbourne Weight Loss Surgery offers an unparalleled level of support to patients. Our large team of specialists are on-hand to answer your questions every step of the way. Our difference is the inclusion of long-term follow-up appointments with our surgeons, dieticians and nurses as part of your surgical care to help you keep the excess weight off for life.

Our Surgeons

Our group is led by 4 expert surgeons, who are highly trained and experienced in all techniques of surgical weight loss. Our surgeons are involved in medical research and teaching, which means they’re up-to-date with the most modern techniques. Find out more about our team:

Our Bariatric Dietitians

Our bariatric dieticians specialise in nutrition and weight management, for patients who have had weight loss surgery. They place high importance on educating their patients and strive to cater for each person’s unique tastes and needs. Find out more about our team:

Our Bariatric Physicians

We are proud to have a specialist physician on our team. Dr Amy Osborne specialises in perioperative medicine, that is, the medical care of patients throughout their operative journeys, but excluding the operation itself. Find out more about our team:

Our Anaesthetists

One of our skilled anaesthetists will administer your anaesthetic and monitor your wellbeing throughout surgery. Find out more about our team:

Practice Nurses

Our bariatric nurse coordinator works alongside our surgeons to facilitate the highest level of care. She will see you at regular intervals, both pre- and post-surgery, and liaise with the medical and allied health teams to ensure you feel supported in your journey with us. Find out more about our team:

Our Psychologists

The causes of obesity are complex. Our psychologist will work with you to change your mindset and behaviours towards food and body image. Find out more about our team:

Our Counsellor

Weight loss can be an emotional journey. Our highly-qualified counsellor will assist you in overcoming challenges including body confidence and difficult social interactions. Find out more about our team:

Our Exercise Physiologists

If a chronic condition, disability or injury is hampering your ability to exercise, our exercise physiologist is here to help. His competence and skill in exercise interventions will get you moving again pre- and post- surgery. Find out more about our team:

Our Stylist/ Personal Shopper

With a new you, will come a new wardrobe. Our personal fashion stylist can assist you in discovering fashion to suit your slimmed-down body. Find out more about our team:

Our Support Staff

Our valuable support staff will be your first point of contact at Melbourne Weight Loss Surgery. They aim to make your journey convenient and simple, and keep our office running at peak efficiency. Find out more about our team:

Cathryn Hertaeg
Cathryn Hertaeg
Personal Assistant to Mr Michael Hii
Laura Kilner
Laura Kilner
Secretary to Salena Ward
Lauren Corlessr
Lauren Corless
Secretary to Mr Matthew Read
Jasmine Aquilina
Jasmine Aquilina
Secretary to Dr. Nicole Winter
Stephanie Gorman
Stephanie Gorman
Administration Assistant
Eunice Lim
Eunice Lim
Administration Assistant

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