Bariatric Physicians

We are proud to have a specialist physician on our team. Dr Amy Osborne specialises in perioperative medicine, that is, the medical care of patients throughout their operative journeys, but excluding the operation itself. Find out more about our team:


Dr Amy Osborne

Dr Amy Osborne

Consultant Physician

Dr Amy Osborne is a Consultant Physician. Amy graduated with Honours from Monash University in 2000 and completed physician training in General Medicine at the Alfred and St. Vincent’s Hospitals focussing on general internal medicine, perioperative medicine and cardiology. Amy received her fellowship from The Royal Australian College of Physicians in 2008.

Amy holds public appointments at St. Vincent’s Hospital and The Alfred. At St. Vincent’s she works in both General Internal Medicine and in the Perioperative Medicine Unit. At the Alfred Hospital she is involved in the long term follow up of Heart Transplant recipients. Amy is actively involved in teaching and is an examiner for the Royal Australian College of Physicians.

Amy’s private practise is co-located with Melbourne Gastro-Oesophageal surgery. She provides perioperative medical consultation to surgical inpatients at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital. She also has admission rights to St. Vincent’s Private Hospital.

Most of Amy’s work is in perioperative medicine. This includes pre-operative risk assessment, optimisation of medical co-morbidities as well as investigation and management of any undiagnosed symptoms. Amy will liase with other medical specialists involved in the long-term care of her perioperative patients. Amy will help plan peri- operative care for high risk patients in conjunction with the surgeon, anaesthetist and other specialists as appropriate. If required, Amy can continue to follow up patients after their surgery if there are ongoing medical issues.

Amy works in all areas of perioperative medicine but has a special interest in patients undergoing gastro-intestinal surgery, including bariatric/metabolic surgery and the particular impact these surgeries can have on medical co-morbidities.

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