• Carbohydrates after Weight Loss Surgery

    Carbohydrates after Weight Loss Surgery

    You may have heard or been told to limit carbohydrate-containing foods after weight loss surgery. But why is this? And how long do you need to do this for? This article will help to make this clearer and discuss the role of carbohydrates in your diet following weight loss surgery.

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  • Meal Planning

    Meal Planning

    Meal planning and preparation made easy!

    Making a significant dietary change is difficult and takes time. Adjusting to your new eating patterns after surgery can be challenging, especially once real life sets back in and you are busy again with work, families and children. Setting aside a few hours at the start of the week to plan, shop and prepare your meals can help take some of the stress away and save you time throughout the week. It also ensures you always have appropriate and healthy choices on hand for those times when life is just too busy.

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  • Should I Be Snacking?

    Should I Be Snacking?

    This is a really common question that patients ask us after surgery. Have you also been wondering this? If so, you are definitely not the only one. The rule of thumb with this is make sure you listen to your body. Soon after surgery you will most likely find that you do not have an appetite for snacks. Over time, as your body adjusts and your portions increase slightly you may find that your appetite increases and you find yourself hungry between meals.

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  • The Bariatric Healthy Eating Pyramid

    The Bariatric Healthy Eating Pyramid

    Lifestyle changes are critical to achieving sustainable weight loss with bariatric surgery. Each person is different in terms of what works for them however developing positive habits certainly increases the likelihood of long-term success. Tools for estimating precise energy requirements have not yet been validated in a population of patients following bariatric surgery. This is why all guidelines are general, and it is important to keep close contact with your dietitian, to ensure that your nutritional needs are being met.

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  • Calorie Counting after Bariatric Surgery

    Calorie Counting after Bariatric Surgery

    There is lots of information online around what and how much you should eat after bariatric surgery. Many patients come across this while researching surgical options, and it is often very confusing. One of the questions we get asked most often is: how many calories should I be having each day after my surgery?

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