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Gastric Balloon

The orbera® intra-gastric balloon

The Orbera® Intra-Gastric Balloon.

The Orbera® intragastric balloon is a relatively new weight loss device, for patients who are a little overweight and want a helping hand to starting a healthier way of living.

It is a soft, silicone balloon, about the size of a mango, which is inserted into the stomach and remains inside for 6 months. The balloon acts a little like a valve and most patients find they have a greatly reduced appetite and can lose a lot of weight quite quickly (over 2 to 3 months). The average weight loss is around 15kg.

Which patients consider using Orbera®.

Orbera® is perfect for patients who are moderately overweight (BMI 27 – 35) and want to lose around 15kg rapidly. It is suited to patients who are ready to change their lifestyle and embark on a new healthy way of living, which incorporates regular exercise and a substantial change in diet. It can be beneficial to patients who have not had success with diets and pills and who are in need of a little more assistance.

What does the Orbera® procedure involve?

The insertion of an Orbera® intra-gastric balloon is a simple procedure. The balloon is inserted via the mouth into the stomach using a camera called a gastroscope for guidance. It is performed under anaesthetic and is completely painless. Most patients don’t even need to stay in hospital overnight.

After insertion some patients may experience a feeling of nausea for up to 3 days and so it is important to work with your medical team to manage these symptoms at home.

How much weight do people lose using Orbera®?

In centres where large numbers of patients have been treated with the Orbera® intragastric balloon, the average weight loss has been around 15kg. This means with effort it is possible to lose much more, but without any change in lifestyle the weight loss will be much less.

Are there any other expected benefits?

The Orbera® balloon program involves a 12-month dietary regime with regular contact with our surgeons and our dietitian. This is combined with a structured exercise routine to maintain weight loss and help manage and health issues that may have arisen due to obesity.

How do I need to change my life using the Orbera® balloon?

It is important to use the time with the Orbera to make big changes if you want the weight loss to stick. It is really important to maintain contact with the dietitian, the medical team and to participate in your structured exercise regime. Omitting any of these will reduce your chances of long-term success.

Orbera® balloon.

The Orbera balloon is a great new device for patients who are a little overweight and want a kick-start to weight loss. It provides an opportunity for patients to “reset” their health and opens the door to a more healthy way of living.