• The Sad Truth Behind Yo-Yo Dieting

    The Sad Truth Behind Yo-Yo Dieting

    Successful weight loss is commonly considered to be the net sum of calorie intake versus calorie expenditure. Although a seemingly simple notion, the prevalence of obesity in Australia continues to rise and is fast becoming our greatest health concern. A billion-dollar “dieting” industry exists, offering quick fixes, fads and big promises, however rarely delivers long-term, meaningful results. Numerous pills, products and celebrity-endorsed fad diets are focused on creating an energy deficit in order to achieve weight loss.

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  • The scales are not the be all and end all!

    The scales are not the be all and end all!

    Self-monitoring is an important part of the weight loss surgery journey, and helps in preventing weight regain. Typically the most common self-monitoring strategy used by patients is weighing themselves at home. For many patients this habit is already strong, after years and years of dieting. The appeal of the scales is that they provide you with numerical feedback to measure your progress. While this is true, unfortunately often the scales become a problem in themselves. Many people fall into the routine of weighing themselves daily, and are often disheartened by fluctuating numbers. Does this sound like you?

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  • Ask Your Surgeon

    Ask Your Surgeon

    Dr Michael Hii answers some of your questions regarding bariatric surgery.

    Does exercise affect healing at three to four weeks post surgery, even if you are feeling completely fine and eating normally.

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  • How to choose a Weight Loss Surgeon and Weight Loss Surgery Practice

    How to choose a Weight Loss Surgeon and Weight Loss Surgery Practice

    Deciding to have weight loss surgery is a significant and difficult decision to make. It is really common for people to think about it for years before they talk to their doctor. There are lots of pros and cons to consider and it does not suit absolutely everyone.

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  • 6 Tips to a Great Easter!

    6 Tips to a Great Easter!

    Easter is fast approaching! This is a time of year where there is temptation all around us. Chocolate and hot cross buns have been in the shops for months and months, making it difficult for us to ignore! The good news is you do not have to avoid Easter treats completely! Like always, it is about not depriving yourself but maintaining a balance. Read on for our tips for an enjoyable and healthy Easter.

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